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29 Mar, 2018

Karachi March 29: Governor Sindh Mr.Mohammad Zubair has said that no shut down in Karachi since 2016 was due to comprehensive strategy of Federal government, in which law enforcement agencies played a vital role.

This he said while addressing a delegation of renowned businessmen led by Mirza Ishtiaq Baiq at Governor House. Mr. Abdul Sami Khan, Mr.Arif Habib, Mirza Ikhtiar Baig, Mr.Khalid Tawwab, Mr.Mohsin Shaikhan, Mr.Imtiaz Abbasi, Mr. Anwar Qureshi, Mr. Tariq Haleem Siddiqui, Mr. Zahid Saeed also included in the delegation.

He said that maintenance of law & order in Karachi required a political will which present Federal Government strongly showed soon after assuming power in 2013. At that time law & order and energy crisis were the two most daunting challenges which posed existential threat to our beloved Country, he opined.

Governor Sindh said that it is a matter of record that after initiating operation in Karachi with consultation of all stake holders, the Government never interfered in its execution and LEWs were given a free hand to tackle terrorists and other criminals. Not a single phone call to extend any favor to any one was made during last five years, he added.

He also appreciated the cooperation of all stake holders and specially business community as it extended immense cooperation to the Government and LEWs in conduct of operation. Special powers given to Rangers also helped a great deal in elimination of criminals from Karachi, he observed and added that to ensure sustainability of peace Rangers would continue to stay in the province.

While lauding contributions of business community in economic progress of the Country, Governor Sindh said that it continued to strive for better economy even in worse and unfavorable circumstances. Their efforts have paid dividends and the economy is now on sound footings for the next Government to take it to another level, he added.

Mr.Mohammad Zubair said that all macro indicators are better than what they were five years ago, which is the result of strenuous, sincere and devoted efforts of present Government. Next Government would inherit a strong economy as foreign publications have also predicted that next 10 years would be the golden period of our economy.

He said that forth coming elections, would provide an opportunity to the masses to elect representative according to their performances. The people would have a choice on the basis of performance of political parties as there were different parties having Governments in three provinces, he remarked.

He said that Karachi was the financial hub of Pakistan and any activity here has a direct bearing on the economy of the Country. After maintenance of law & order and energy situation, now focus is on infrastructure development not only to facilitate existing industrial units but to also attract new investments, he added.

Governor Sindh briefed the business community about the steps taken by the Federal Government for revival of economy with the help of comparative facts and figures.

The delegation members thanked Governor Sindh for an extensive briefing on economy and appreciated the steps of Federal Government in this regard. They also highlighted areas of economy where more attention has to be paid to ensure accelerated pace of growth.


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