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Some of the objectives achieved are encapsulated below:


People Friendly Measures

  • Promotion of integration in the civil society
  • Organization of national and international events
  • Promulgation of the Freedom of Information Ordinance for the first time in the province
  • Setting up of shelter homes for dispossessed women and children
  • Adoption of measures to protect the rights of minorities and foster gender equality
  • Even-handed redressal of the legitimate grievances of various segments of the community irrespective of their political affiliations
  • Solemnization of collective marriage ceremonies of the underprivileged couples
  • Rehabilitation of shelter-less street children with a view to making them useful members of society
  • Transformation of Darul Aman(Female refuge house) into a respectable home for destitute women
  • Fostering of a people friendly administration through daily meetings with cross-sections of the representatives from different parts of the province to promote cohesion and devise evolution of strategy for progress and prosperity
  • Providing a healing touch to mitigate the agony of citizens whose near and dear ones have been missing since 1990
  • Encouraged government departments to computerize the secretarial work, land records and public utility proformae for expeditious processing of work of just and legitimate public claims and forestall falsification of record
  • Initiative of video conferencing amongst the high offices of the province and interlinking of district administration offices
  • The Governor House website was launched to have the direct accessibility of a common man


Law & Order

The Governor has laid particular emphasis on the solution of sectarian and ethnic issues. He has considered these two gray areas as the most sensitive and manifestly important for establishing sustainable peace and achieving political, ethnic, sectarian and inter-faith harmony. To address these issues following steps have been taken:

  • Establishment of Ulema Boards (religious scholars) to promote sectarian and inter-faith harmony
  • Establishment of an Intelligence Collation Forum
    • Focus on adroit maintenance of law & order – exercise of due diligence and constant vigilance in this regard
  • Creation of conducive environment for domestic and foreign investors
  • Strengthening of the role of the Citizen Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) in crime detection and prevention
    • Impacting of legislative action against social evils, such as “Karokari” (honour killings), child & bonded labour, curbing of domestic violence
    • Dismantling of bandits’ hideouts in Shah Belo (Forests)
  • Induction of independent Prosecution Service
  • Initiation of Jail reforms and provision of legal aid to female prisoners
  • Reforming of Women Police Stations
    • Organization of mega-events such as India-Pakistan Cricket Series and multinational Exhibitions
    • Enhancement of the security of diplomatic corps and other foreigners by a specialist Foreigners Security Cell
    • Deployment of technology and improvised devices for controlling kidnapping for ransom, extortion, car-snatching, cell phone thefts, etc
  • Establishment of a High Security Zone Plan for Karachi and articulation of command structure for various law enforcement agencies operative in the province
  • Induction of a public help line called “Madadgar 15″
  • Establishment of specialized and Rapid Response units of law enforcement agencies for detection and prevention of high profile crimes
  • Launched Public Awareness Campaigns for arousing public opinion and mass awareness to combat terrorism-such as through formation of Neighbourhood Councils


Financial Discipline

Creation of various Coordination Fora for facilitating smooth interaction between stakeholders of economic growth so as to enforce financial discipline and measures for the enhancement of revenue generation , as a consequence thereof:

  • Size of the Annual Development Program (ADP) for Sindh increased from a paltry Rs.5 billion to sizable
  • Rs.55 billion in 1st five year (2003-2007) and presently pitched at Rs.70 billion
  • Release of almost 100% budgetary allocations as against around 50% in the preceding years
  • Utilization of development funds raised from a lowly 30% to as high as 90 to 100% of the total allocation for development programmes


Health & Healthcare

  • Launching of an integrated Health Policy for the first time in the province
  • Focus on proper training of nurses and other paramedical staff
  • Reformation of medico-legal system
  • Regulation of Blood Transfusion Systems
  • Setting up of more basic healthcare units in rural areas
  • Launching and spearheading of campaigns for eradication of Polio, T.B. and H.I.V/Aids
  • Up gradation of Police Hospitals and provision of anti-hepatitis vaccines in government clinics
  • Up gradation of Gambat Institute of Medical & Health Sciences
  • Establishment of a Cardiac Emergency Centre at Sindh Govt. Hospital, Liaquatabad
  • stablishment of the Institute of Oral Health Sciences as an constituent unit of Dow University of Health & Medical Sciences at Karachi
  • Provision of Tele-Medicine facilities at rural health centers
  • Expansion of medical facilities and modernization of diagnostic tools and other medical equipment in public sector hospitals including provision of trauma centers
  • Constituted Road Safety Advisory Board, consisting of relevant stakeholders to conduct research and suggest remedial measures



Governor has laid particular emphasis on education. He is driven by the conviction that education is a vital tool in making the nation competitive in the comity of nations. Soon after assuming his office he took stalk of the deplorable condition of the education sector. Situation warranted drastic measure to transform the whole system. In pursuance thereof some of the initiatives taken are as follow:-

  • Constitution of first ever Search Committees in the country for selection of meritorious personnel for appointment as Vice Chancellors / Pro-Vice Chancellors of public sector Universities. This process has made the selection process transparent and has greatly benefited the universities for induction on merit
  • Increase in the number of Universities from 24 to 36 and enhancement of the development budget of public sector Universities from a mere Rs.2 billion to a sizeable Rs.34 billion
  • Unprecedented investment of Rs. 34 billion in the public sector universities to improve the academic environment and quality education; for the betterment of the infrastructure of public-sector Universities 116 mega projects initiated–; most of them already completed
  • Setting up of a Monitoring Unit for overseeing the progress of projects for the Universities
  • Manifold increase in registration of scholars for pursuing Ph.D. courses in overseas Universities
  • University enrolment got a boost of 300% inclusive of females
  • Elimination of gender discrimination in appointments to the Faculties of public sector Universities
  • Achievement of ISO Certification for NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro and the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi
  • Establishment of two new Medical Universities in the province
  • Establishment of two additional Medical Colleges at Sukkur and Mirpurkhas
  • Expansion of post graduate medical training program throughout the province
  • As a consequence of measure taken at the behest of the Governor, the University of Karachi presently ranks among one of the top 500 universities of the world
    • Establishment of Inter-Boards Coordination Committee, to formulate strategy and policy for qualitative improvement of examination system and facilitation of students
    • Establishment of a new Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education at Mirpurkhas
    • Introduction of Centralized Assessment System for the scrutiny of Answer Scripts replacing the antiquated and faulty home assessment method
    • Computerization of entire examination system to eliminate mal practices
    • The development of Management Information System (MIS) –A land mark initiative taken by the Governor, A dedicated software was developed to identify the student teacher ratio and elimination of Ghost schools and Ghost teachers thus triggering the improvement process
  • Initiative taken for extensive teachers training program; resultantly over 27,000 teachers under the US-Aid
    Education Sector Reforms Assistance (ESRA) have been trained
  • Increase in the amount and number of poverty-cum-merit scholarships
  • Re-vamping of Deeni-Madrasahs within educational mainstream by introducing general subjects and computer training
  • Initiative taken to establish Computer Labs in Schools
  • Encouragement of NGOs in managing schools under the “Adopt-a-School” programme
  • Increase in Primary School enrolment — from 0.0043 million to 4.4 million
  • Initiative taken to distribute free text books among all school going children in public sector


Infrastructure Development

The Governor has assigned paramount importance to the development of infrastructural outlay with a view to accelerating the pace of economic growth and thereby improving the quality of life of the common men even in far flung areas of the province. His motivational patronage and able guidance has resulted in unprecedented pace of development in a short span of time. Some of the salient features are:

  • For the first time preparation and Adoption of Master Plans for the Town Planning sector in Karachi and Hyderbad
  • Thousands of small, medium and mega development schemes were initiated and completed throughout the province
  • Completion of the K-III Project to bring 100 MGD of additional water to megapolitan Karachi
  • Initiation of the Sindh Rural Development Project in Districts Badin, Thatta, Sanghar, Mirpurkhas and Umerkot for the benefit of about 96000 households
  • Launching of 1237 development schemes; 9 schemes of Flyovers and Underpasses, construction of 5 Bridges, 340 schemes for construction of Roads, 103 Water Supply Schemes, 111 Sewerage Schemes, 32 schemes of Parks, Play Grounds & other recreational facilities in other districts of Sindh
  • Gradual implementation of 101 Infrastructure Development Schemes including Government Buildings, expansion of cultivable land and electrification of villages
  • Streamlining of transport and traffic control systems commensurate with an ever-increasing member of commuters both in urban and rural areas
  • Introduction of Mass Transit Schemes including completion of several flyovers and underpasses and completion of Signal Free Corridors in Karachi
  • Phased implementation of a modernization plan for Metropolitan Traffic Police
  • Introduction of CNG busses for public transport system to achieve pollution free envoirnment.
  • Construction of a mammoth beach park and elegant Bagh-e-Ibn-e-Qasim in Karachi
  • Launching Housing Schemes earmarking around 200,000 plots for the general public in New Malir Housing Project(MDA Scheme) and Lyari Development Authority (LDA)
    • Encouragement of small & medium size and cottage Industries


Agriculture & Irrigation

  • Introduction of micro Irrigation System to impact the supply of 60-80% of additional water and 50% of additional fertilizers / pesticides to growers
  • Installation of Sprinklers, Bubblers and Drip Irrigation outlets in areas under cultivation
  • Desilting of 334 km long water channels
  • Construction of 229 new irrigation channels and extension of 63 existent channels
  • Addition of an area of 4405 acres to the cultivable land holdings
  • Improvement of water distribution and irrigation system
  • Facilitative measures for farmers to strengthen agro-based economy

Art & Culture

  • Promotion of Visual, Audio-graphic and Performing Arts
  • Enhancement of Grants-in-aid to Arts Council and Press Clubs
  • Establishment of The Legend Trust for the betterment of Artists, Authors, Journalists, Scholars, Poets, Intellectuals, Sportsmen and other similar talented citizens, who have devoted their art and skills to serve Pakistan and have achieved laurels in the National as well as International arena. The trust extends support to them in their hour of need and provides them with subsistence, financial assistance, succour and relief not only for their own welfare but also for the well-being of their dependents
  • Earmarking of a ‘Koocha-e-Sadaqat’ to promote folklore and populist music and theater
  • Establishment of a National Academy of Performing Arts at Karachi to impart specialist training to talented youth by reputed masters
  • Took keen personal interest in guiding the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi for cultural proliferation and providing quality entertainment and intellectual stimulants to the people through multi-media presentation of various art-forms and literature
  • Active interest in promotion of National sports and games


Voluntary Sevices

  • Reactivation of Red Crescent (Hilal-e-Ahmar) Society in every district headquarter
  • Patronage of the Scouting and Girl Guides movement


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